Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi-Chuan

New Beginners classes available on request.

Till 2015 Andrew ran classes in Mortdale which he conducted since November  2011   graspswallowstail Andrew Rohowyj is now conducting Tai Chi classes at Caringbah.
Classes are in the shade of a big tree at the Glen McGrath Oval next to Burns Lane just off President Avenue Caringbah.
(It’s just behind Carigbah Medical and Dental, 42 President Ave)

Beginners classes and courses are Friday mornings from 7.30 am going till 8.30 am.  Beginners learn by individual and group instruction, and following others. This is an ongoing weekly class.

The feeling generated from the practice of Tai Chi is very subtle, with many health benefits both in terms of physical fitness, and learning to move effortlessly. There is spontaneous “flow” within us of what the Chinese call Chi, in a pure and un polluted form.

When learned as a complete art, Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi-Chuan can give health benefits far beyond normal exercise. There is improved concentration after practice, which has been useful for study, meditation or any kind of creative work like playing music.

Please email Andrew for details about the cost of lessons or courses and any other questions you may have. Check the Constant Balance website below for much interesting information about Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi, as developed by Master Ric Lum.   Please email us if you wish to enrol in a course, or simply try a class.

Instructor: Andrew Rohowyj. BA App Science, Physiotherapy.

Feel free to contact Andrew:

Ph: 0427 481 363  or


 Constant Balance Website: www.constantbalance.com

Watch and Enjoy:

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