Orthopedic or Nordic Physiotherapy

In the undergraduate physiotherapy course, Andrew was first trained in the G.D. Maitland approach to manual therapy.  After graduating Andrew studied basic and then later the advanced Nordic – Orthopedic methods of mobilisation, traction and manipulation of the spine and peripheral joints.

As an undergraduate, through the Maitland system Andrew has learned refined joint mobilisation techniques and ways of grading and specifying these techniques.


Nordic Physiotherapy (developed in Europe), more recently called Orthopedic Physiotherapy was largely introduced to Australia by the late Bill Atkinson, a Sydney Physiotherapist. It was developed in Europe mainly by the work of Freddy Kaltenborn and Olaf Eventh.


Andrew uses many of the Nordic – Orthopedic joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques which are a blend of physiotherapy, osteopathic and chiropractic systems. He uses muscle release techniques which are very effective as they can be localised to the joints. In this system there is much emphasis taking pressure off the joints when mobilising them, and always addressing the muscles involved.


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