Mulligan Concept Physiotherapy

Andrew Rohowyj is a Certified practitioner of the Mulligan Concept.

Mulligan Concept Physiotherapy is a system in which the patient performs active movement whilst the therapist applies specific joint or soft tisssue mobilisations simultaneiously. This system was developed by New Zealand based physiotherapist, Brian Mulligan.  His concept of mobilizations with movement (MWMS) in the extremities and sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAGS) in the spine is now used by physiotherapist around the world.

Principles of Treatment:

Avoid contraindications to treatment.  The therapist is always guided by the basic rule of never causing pain, therapist choosing to make use of SNAGS in the spine and MWMs in the extremities must still know and abide by the basic rules of application of manual therapy techniques.


Indications for treatment include signs as loss of joint movement, pain associated with movement, or pain associated with specific functional activities.

Once the painful or restricted movement is identified.  According the joint affected, the therapist then finds the related passive accessory joint mobilisation or joint glide that must itself be pain-free.   The patient is then instructed to move the joint of spine region in the direction that previously caused pain or was restricted.  If the therapist’s intervention is appropriate, movement becomes relatively pain-free.

When the easing manoeuvre is found, exercises the patient does at home can be designed based on these easing positions or interventions.

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