There are many forms of massage or soft tissue manipulation. At Mortdale Physiotherapy, Andrew uses a variety of techniques according to the person’s needs, and often mixes and combines techniques.  He may combine Shiatsu Massage with Traditional Chinese Massage or with Myofascial Release work.


Massage can be fast and vigorous particularly before sport to tone up the muscles, and after sport or physical work to relax the muscles.  This also disperses lactic acid produced by the muscle activity. Massage needs to be slow and deep to work through more long standing muscular tension.


Shown above are pictures of remedial, therapeutic or Swedish type massage. Andrew is also trained in traditional Chinese and Shiatsu pressure point techniques which he tends to combine to enhance the relaxing effect on the muscles.


Massage can be used as both a treatment alone, or to complement other treatments for many muscular – soft tissue injuries, or various ongoing painful problems.  Massage can relax the person before manipulation of the spine, and conversely, sometimes, manipulation can help reduce the tension in the muscles before massage.


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